48 Weeks Online Course - Pay in Full

48 Week Online Course - Pay in Full
(savings of $157)


An online course experience like none other

Have you ever wanted to spent the weekend at an event, immersed yourself in an artists creative process, soaked in the passion that the artist puts into her work and leave so inspired that you want to create all day everyday? But then as that experience gains distance from the present you loose that passion that so inspired you during that weekend because the muse, the Artist, is no longer there encouraging you and pushing you to feel the urge to create with the same freedoms.

48 weeks in an ongoing ever-present event that will envelop you in the creative process and allow you to rewind, revisit and recapture that passion for art on your own terms. It is a full immersion weekend times 12 months.

Learn to hone in on your personal style and channel your intuitive truth by trusting the process. Develop a working repertoire of tricks, product knowledge and skills while creating a years worth of art solidifying yourself as a master of your own artistic domain.

--- the background behind the inspiration for this course.

For the past 6 years I have been art journaling, seriously keeping a visual diary of who I am as an Artist, developing techniques, learning new products and building a comprehensive working knowledge of working in mixed-media layers. almost religiously for the last 3 years of those 6 years, I have been keeping an "Inspiration Journal".

I have used this journal each week as a teaching tool. Just as a student practices her craft, I practiced the creative freedom of letting go, painting intuitively and learning and developing my skills as an artist. I have learned acceptance and creative confidence and in doing so, made that process open to you in the hopes of empowering you each week to believe in the process too.

During those same 3 years, I began trusting the process, I took the next leap into implementing these skills in a larger format, taking the process another step further and applying my art on canvas. I quickly learned bridging the ideas from art journals to canvas gave me a broader understanding of the medias I was working with.

48 weeks, my year long course for 2014, incorporates not only the skills learned through art journaling but also the knowledge gained through working on larger scale canvases. (Kinda like "inspiration Wednesday" and "Canvas Create" had a baby!)

48 weeks is a year long comprehensive online course that empowers each of us to allow the natural ebb and flow of our artistic styles guide the creative process, building a strong foundation for your art, your creative confidence as well as an incredibly vast repertoire of techniques that stretch beyond just the art journal page.

I wanted to create this workshop as the touchstone of each students creative journey. This year long course explores dozens of fascets of the creative process and takes each student beyond the art into a creative awaking each week.

We will create together, working on the pages of our journals each week expressively documenting every milestone as we complete the 48 entries, documenting our growth as an artist in 2014.

Because I have always wanted to fill and complete an A3 Moleskine journal, I am using this LARGE format journal (16 x 22") as my diary of this journey. The actual book you use does not change the process or the practice. I want you to work with whatever you feel the most comfortable working in, you can even choose to work on canvases if that fits your style.

48 weeks is a work at your own pace online course that includes 48 weeks of creative and expressive art that will inspire you to dig deeper into your creative soul, develop your personal style and leave it on the page. Every 3 months you will receive another 12 weeks of course lessons. these lessons are fully downloadable, which means they are yours forever to save, re-watch, rewind and to reference for a lifetime.

I invite all of you to join me this year as I share from my heart, my creative journey and artistic practices that fuel the passion I have for art.

"Art makes the spirit soar.

And when the spirit is lifted, life follows."

- Adrianna Trigiani

(savings of $157)

your first 12 week semester/course videos will be delivered (via email link) Jan. 1, 2014

each release of the next 12 week semester/course will automatically be delivered every 3 months

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