inspired. Artist Workshop with Joanne Barby Feb 19-22nd

inspired. Artist Workshop with Joanne Barby Feb 19-22nd

inspired. Artist Workshop with Joanne Barby Feb 19-22nd

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Donna Downey Studios is so excited to have the amazingly talented Joanne Barby teaching her "Exploring the beauty of American birds through PanPastel" Workshop

The beauty, the colours and the ability to fly, is what attracts Joanne to birds as a subject. There’s just something so free, so magical about a bird in flight!

Join Joanne for this workshop as she teaches you and explores all the amazing things you can do with PanPastel. This workshop is for all levels of students!


Workshop Schedule....

Thursday Night Meet and Greet
• A brief introduction
• We will touch on reference material, inspiration and finding character/personality in a subject.

Friday Morning.....
Demo by Joanne, while discussing her process, including topics like:
• Working off a Ipad - She has hundreds of images on there ready to go, depending on her mood.
• We will talk about PanPastels and why she loves them!
• The joy of working with bright colours and how this affects your mood!
• And finally papers, their tooth for pastel and what surfaces to work on.
Then we will jump into colourful playtime with PanPastels!

Friday Afternoon and Saturday Morning.....
Joanne will take you step-by-step through:
• Composition, drawing and measuring tips.
• Getting correct placement of the eyes, beak etc
• Roughly putting down blocks of colour. Look for colours, then depth and tones.
• The different shaped PanPastel Tools and what different markings and effects they make.
• Experiment and have fun! PanPastel is a very forgiving medium.
• When to use fixatives.
• The benefits of using rubber blending tools for different techniques.
• Adding highlights to bring the picture to life, with a Pastel stick or Pastel Pencil.
• Creating a flow to the picture, make the viewers eye be drawn around the picture from beak to the eye and down around to the neck, all from the flow of the feathers.

Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Morning
• We will try some background wash techniques with Acrylics, abstract or realism - your choice.
• Begin the next subject, which can be anything of your choosing a portrait, a still life, etc.
• Lastly we will refine each artwork and make sure everyone leaves with a new understanding of what is possible and a real sense of achievement and inspiration.

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