The 52 Card Pickup Class w/ Stephanie Ackerman May 16th 6:00-9:00pm

The 52 Card Pickup Class w/ Stephanie Ackerman


This class combines techniques using my own handmade art papers, inks, paint, paper, adhesives, stamps, washi tapes, old paper and embellishments with quotes, verses and positive affirmations to create the beginning of what will be 52 cards of encouragement and reminders of the things we already know, just sometimes forget to remember.
The meaning, the need and the reason of this class remains the sameā€¦.
As women, daughters, sisters, neighbors, friends, moms, at one point or another, we seem to have so much going on that we forget to stop, even a second until we drop. We often run on empty and I know that because I have been in that place. Things may seem to be unwinding, unraveling and unruly but please know this...there is hope, you are not alone.

We want more from life, we want less drama, we yearn for change, we want to do more, we want to help, we may need help. It is time to make a change, to make a difference, to encourage others and remind ourselves and reach out accept support from others and That is why I created this class.