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Workshops I Teach (ONLINE)

48 Weeks

"48 Weeks" is online course experience like none other

Have you ever wanted to spent the weekend at an event, immersed yourself in an artists creative process, soaked in the passion that the artist puts into her work and leave so inspired that you want to create all day everyday? But then as that experience gains distance from the present you loose that passion that so inspired you during that weekend because the muse, the Artist, is no longer there encouraging you and pushing you to feel the urge to create with the same freedoms.

48 weeks in an ongoing ever-present event that will envelop you in the creative process and allow you to rewind, revisit and recapture that passion for art on your own terms. It is a full immersion weekend times 12 months.

Learn to hone in on your personal style and channel your intuitive truth by trusting the process. Develop a working repertoire of tricks, product knowledge and skills while creating a years worth of art solidifying yourself as a master of your own artistic domain

watch this fun video to learn more about "CANVAS CREATE"

CANVAS CREATE series 2013

CANVAS CREATE series 2012

"CANVAS CREATE" is a monthly mixed-media video series that takes you step by step through the process of creating art canvases. each month's canvas will be a little different highlighting new techniques, tools, and products. video workshops are downloadable and yours to view and keep forever...NO TIME LIMITS! from beginners to seasoned artists this series is both instructional and guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing!

watch this fun video to learn more about "CANVAS CREATE"

PanPastel : ONLINE video series 

build a basic understanding and working knowledge of this new exciting medium. this self-paced series is structured so that you can build your skill level, color palette and technique as you progress through each video.

PanPastel 101: introduction to PanPastels (part 1) - this wokshop is an introduction to PanPastels as a medium of color and will walk you through step by step as we explore the following key concepts: palettes of color, tools, aplication, layering techniques, shading, blending and fixing

PanPastel 102: Introduction to PanPastels (part 2) - is the second workshop of the 2-part beginner series. PanPastel 102 is an introduction to building and laying backgrounds by exploring how PanPastels react to surfaces, textures and mediums.

PanPastel 201: creative "HEART" - the third workshop of the in the creative series. Centered around a basic heart shape, you will build your working knowledge through practices, demos, composition and techniques for applying and using PanPastels in your mixed-media art applications. Techniques include: shading, design and composition building, collage, laying color, and building dimension.

PanPastel 202: "a study in poppies" - the fourth workshop of the in the creative series. creative focus is centered around flowering poppies, you will build your working knowledge through practices, demos, composition and techniques for applying and using PanPastels in your mixed-media art applications. Techniques include: shading, design and composition building, collage, laying color, and surface preparation.

PanPastel 203: "pretty little houses" NEW!! - a mixed media journey through PanPastels utilizing the principles of positive and negative space, stencils, collage, versamark stamping, fabric applications and dimensional color building. Each session builds on the one before it as you gain a working knowledge, practice and understanding of PanPastels around the common design theme of houses. As with all my other workshops, once you download the video it is yours to keep and watch over and over again.

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workshops i teach (on the road)

"Abstract Painting"

Art mini series (3 canvases) - 5 hour workshop

Paint looser, bolder, freer, lighter and more intuitively.

This workshop is an experience you will want to share. This intuitive painting workshop is designed for the beginner or those who wish to expand upon their existing skills. Versatile, fast-drying and easy to clean-up, acrylics are ideal for busy people who want to learn to paint.

Discover your own style while as we explore experimental mark-making, painting and faux encaustic painting techniques to push your creativity and skills to a new level. Discover new approaches to creating expressive abstract art pieces to create your own mini series of art. Learn how to incorporate washes, layering, glazing, transfers and texturing as well as integrating color combinations and various methods of applying paint (besides brushes). There are no rules or mistakes in this workshop - just pure fun.

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"Mixed-Media Academy" 

Mixed-Media/Collage Book - 5-hour workshop

Join me in this workshop where you WILL get your hands dirty as you learn start-to-finish how to create layered mixed-media/collage books in a signature donna downey style. Explore techniques for creating embedded backgrounds, building a mixed-media color palette (using acrylic paints, oil pastels & india ink), adding dimensional design and texture, blending fabrics, papers, images and a simple bit of bookbinding to create a unique book from scratch giving your finished piece a uniform look.

This workshop also provides you with your own artbin filled with the basic tool kit to get you started working in mixed-media and collage.

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"Watercolor Whimsy"

image transfer, Gelatoes & watercolor pencils - 3 hour workshop

Learn the fun of painting with watercolors in this workshop and discover the vast range and flexibility of this media.  Play with color as you learn how to mix palettes to put emotion and conviction into your painting by exploring, experimenting and developing your creativity as an individual. This workshop puts fun into the process of painting, along with enthusiasm and new techniques in an atmosphere that makes the beginning as well as the practiced painter feel welcome!

I will demonstrate with detailed explanations of all the "hows" and "whys" followed by individual attention to see that each student understands and feels successful. Come one, come all to this workshop, no drawing skills are needed!

(Your choice of subject of the “she girl” or “Eiffel Tower” will be provided, however feel free to bring an image of your own if you would rather. Remember that image will transfer in reverse so flip the image if needed before you print it.)

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"PanPastel Painting"

  (3) 12 x12" Pastelbord - 5 hour workshop - "Explore the Artist within in a whole NEW way" 

Whether you are currently using PanPastels, or have just begun to think about doing so, this class will teach you a few tricks. All you need is a desire to create and play and you'll leave with a beautiful finished painting ready to be displayed. Students will learn about PanPastel ready surfaces and mediums, explore basic sketching and image transfer techniques, color blending, building shape, sofft tools and application of PanPastel color as I demo all my favorite tools and products and tell you why I love them.  Samples of my PanPastel art will be provided to use as a models, as well as demonstration on how to sketch, draw and transform simple designs into dynamic and colorful pieces of art. Ask any questions about what materials and methods i use throughout the day as I help you build your own unique PanPastel paintings. no previous PanPastel experience is required.

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"Paint like an Artist - STENCIL ART"