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Abstract Landscapes : Understanding Value
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Abstract Landscapes : Understanding Value

  • Instructor donna downey
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-  4 weeks of lessons 2 times a week + demonstrations
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- Working in acrylics
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Abstract Landscapes

Abstract Landscapes is a 4-week course is geared towards building a hands-on understanding of how color and value are used in art.

Believe it or not, value is more important than color to the design and success of a painting. I have designed Abstract Landscapes to teach you how to make your paint come alive on your canvas by making your darks, darker and your lights, lighter.

For 4 weeks I will deliver lessons to you twice a week. Each lesson will build on the lesson before it exploring color value, paint mixing and blending.

You will access each lesson, links and downloads in our private classroom once the course is live. Each lesson is fully downloadable and includes a corresponding pdf. of notes.

Mid course I will Live feed via USTREAM so I can answer questions with direct interaction.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you!

        Do you struggle knowing how to paint in a light source?
        Are you an “Over-blender” and make your colors look like mud?
        Does everything you paint seem flat or lifeless?
        Do you stare at the canvas and think, what if I mess it up?
        Do you stop short on your paintings because you are afraid to make a mistake and you like what you have so far?
        Do you cringe at the thought of using, let alone understanding the color wheel?
        Do the terms tint, tones, shades, value and hue make you dizzy?
        Do you love color and want to learn to paint?
        Do you secretly with you could look at something and just paint it?
        Do you love to learn and can’t wait to learn more?



        The downloadable delivery and forever access to this product makes it non-refundable