"Rescue Me"


Mixed-Media on canvas

"Rescue Me" is a part of a continuing series that was inspired by a dream.

the back story:

The first in the series entitled, "Always on My Mind"

Life always has a way of putting the obstacles we need to grow from in our path. Not ever being religious, I found myself starting to trust the ebb and flow of the universe and began seeking guidance from what I call "the Angels". Cardinals have always come to me in my time of anxiety or worry. The cardinal is the messenger from my beautiful friend Debbie Mac that passed. 

Out of my darkness represented by the black above, she sends me messages, sometimes bold and clearly received and sometimes faint and unclear and I have to trust that the messages will reveal themselves in time. The worded messages above are in warm colors because they are comforting, but even more-so, she made me promise i would represent her in my artwork in Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold when she passed, her favorite color, lol.

My hope is that when others look upon this series they feel hope and that seeking from beyond is like asking guidance from "the Angels"

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