5x7 Pocket Box™ Oil & Acrylic Plein Air Kit | Donna Downey Studios Inc

5x7 Pocket Box™ Oil & Acrylic Plein Air Kit

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Product Description

• 5x7 ThumBox ™
• 5x7 ThumBox™ Bag
• Large Mouth Single Palette Cup
• Mighty Mite Jr™ Brush Washer
• Guerrilla Painter® Composition Finder
• A Guerrilla Painter's Notebook™ Vol 1 & 2
• 5x7 Guerrilla Plein Air Gessoed Panel
• 4-piece Short Handled Flat Brush Set


We had been selling quite a few of the 6x8 ThumBox™ (v1) and people were still wanting something smaller- something more discreet. So, in 2009 Carl referred back to one of his first pochade box designs and began developing what we now know as the 5x7 Pocket Box™. It was introduced to the public in early 2010. In addition to being unobtrusive and easy to carry, the 5x7 format enables you to find inexpensive frames for your work.

Carl says: “My original 5x7 box, built in the 80s’ was constructed from apple wood from our orchard, using tempered Masonite for the top and bottom. Its lid opened against a wood block, so it had only one position. Holding it by my left thumb, I used it to paint dozens of little panels.”

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