HYBRID - Expressive Techniques in Painting (Sat)

$ 350

New HYBRID: LIVE/ONLINE painting workshop

* Your Zoom invite will be sent in a separate email the day before the event. 

Expressive Techniques in Painting: BIRDS OF PLAY SERIES

This course includes a fully downloadable video instructional course PLUS a LIVE ONLINE (Zoom) 1-Day in Class experience

This hybrid LIVE/ONLINE workshop focuses on techniques & processes for artists looking to grow and better develop their skills as expressive painters. 

This course includes:

  • Lifetime Access to all video downloads and instructional lessons. 
  • 5 hours of LIVE class instruction with demos and real-time student/teacher feedback.
  • 16 instructional videos
  • 18 downloadable jpg images
  • Cardinal, Hummingbird, Titmouse  and BONUS secondary paintings
  • Live lesson done in both OIL & ACRYLIC
  • Full linkable Supplies List .pdf including suggested substitutions

  •  Techniques taught:

    • Paint mixing: choosing colors for success
    • Develop monochromatic understanding of color and value
    • Working with tools that create loose expressive marks
    • Mediums for making acrylics look more like the texture of oils
    • Using a Sta-Wet palette to extend the life of your paint mixes
    • Using value to intensify depth of color
    • Using stroke to create visual textures
    • Techniques for creating vibration and movement in your strokes
    • Catalyst Wedge vs. Paintbrush demos
    • Learn to be looser for bolder strokes
    • Develop contrast using warm and cool colors
    • Ditch the inner critic for the freedom of artistic expression

    Once registered you will have immediate access to all videos and downloads.

      LIVE ZOOM CLASS: Before the live session students can prepare their surface, transfer their design and take advantage of paint mixing demos 

      First Session (10AM-12PM EST)

      • Zoom (Live and session will be recorded)/ Welcome 
        • Introductions
        • Overview
        • Process instruction/Demos
          • Mapping in value
          • Shadow and light
          • Thin vs. thick applications
          • Using direction and size for more compelling marks
        • Developing shadow and light color
        • Make painting easier by mapping out value
        • Developing your stroke as an expressive tool
        • Using the catalyst wedge vs. paintbrush
        • Live one-on-one interaction and questions
        • Instructional videos

      Lunch Break

      Second Session (1PM-4PM EST)

        • Zoom (LIVE and session will be recorded)/Blurring the lines
          • Insight into the Artist’s Creative Narrative
            • Beauty in the broken
            • Finding your “Why?”
          • Commit to your marks
          • Make your marks bolder
          • Making marks that impact movement
          • Strokes deliberate
          • Paint thicker using the mapped-in layer below as a guide
          • Make marks in different directions so that they vibrate off of each other
          • Blur the line between the subject and the background
          • Be fearless!
          • Learn to correct marks that do not make you happy
          • "Destroy" the line between the red and the white
          • Live share 
          • Group Discussion
          • Individual Critiques

      Independent Study lessons

        • Include video instruction and downloads for Hummingbird & Titmouse
          • Students will complete this assignment independently
          • Includes BONUS lessons for making the most of your leftover paint



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