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Sennelier Half Stick Pastel Nesting Box Set

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Product Description

The Soft Pastel set includes 44 half-pastels, as well as an assortment of charcoals and a Sennelier pastel brush.

The Half Stick Pastel Nesting Box Set includes the following colors: mummy, yellow ochre, golden ochre, lawn green, bronze green deep, flesh ochre, hot brown, apple green, reseda gray, (2) viridian, cerulean blue, prussian blue, cadmium yellow light, blue violet, bright yellow, (2) cobalt blue, orange lead, madder carmine, ultramarine deep, (2) Van Dyck violet, Van Dyck brown, blue gray green, raw sienna, ivory black, white, red brown, (2) lemon yellow, bistre, sapphire blue, Helios red, Chinese vermilion 2, Vermilion, Nickel yellow 2, magenta violet 1, magenta violet 5, Naples yellow, a Sennelier Pastel Brush and Sennelier charcoals.

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