Stephen Lursen Art

Stephen Lursen is an artist at Donna Downey Studios. His passion is colorful, uplifting, imaginative, textured art. In his art, Stephen incorporates a wide range of styles. He teaches an equally wide range of online and local workshops. His most popular online workshop is "Painting the face I" wherein he teaches how to mix flesh tones using acrylic paint, to create a beautiful painting that anyone of any skill level can watch and work along with.

He graduated in May of 2012 with his Master's of Fine Art in Painting and Video Art from Winthrop University. This has been extremely relevant and helpful in the mixed media art industry with video allowing him to reach the masses under the Donna Downey Studios brand.

"my goal in painting is to create beautiful art that uplifts the viewer and draws them into their own unique imagination." - Stephen Lursen

His website is

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