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589 crimson alizarian hue wc crayon

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Product Description

Suggested Applications Watercolors: Make a sketch, sprinkle it with water and allow the colours to dilute. Pick up colours from a palette and paint in wet as watercolor. Apply Neocolor II onto smooth paper and spread it onto the design with a stiff brush. Bold painting: Create a large design on dry paper. Spread the colours vigorously with wet fingers. Wash and varnish: Hold the pastel flat and draw on moistened paper. Colour the design with a brush full of Neoclor II. Cover the dry layers with a transparent layer. Rainbow techniques: Pick up the graded colours from a smooth palette and place the brush flat on the paper. Template: Apply Neocolor II on a template or on the edge of sheets of smooth paper. Spread the colour onto the design with the fingers. Monotype: Draw with Neocolor II on a mirror or any flat glass surface. Cover the design with moist paper, press it down firmly then peel it off. Neocolor II washes off any smooth surface with water.

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