A Day of Painting Fun!!! with Stephen Lursen. April 24th, 2017 | Donna Downey Studios Inc
A Day of Painting Fun!!! with Stephen Lursen. April 24th, 2017
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A Day of Painting Fun!!! with Stephen Lursen. April 24th, 2017

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  • Instructor Stephen Lursen
  • Date April 24, 2017
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10am – 7pm. 9 hour/full day class working on one 36”x36” gallery depth canvas. Includes lunch and drink/s. purely abstract/ nonrepresentational.

Event Overview

Come and play for a day and learn how to apply paints and gold leaf to a large surface for a big impact! Do you love bold color? Do you want to become more comfortable creating free abstract paintings? When you look at a painting, do you want to feel good? GREAT! Then come paint with Stephen Lursen on April 24th! This is a rare opportunity to paint for a whole day from 10am to 7pm and lunch is included! Work on a brand new, large scale (36"x36"), Gallery Depth canvas. Stephen will demonstrate and teach each step of his unique process of creative production.

We will be using a variety of products, media, and tools including acrylic inks, fluid and heavy body acrylics, paint markers, gold leaf and more!

We will create beauty all day long! Get away and enjoy the best day possible at Donna Downey studios. Follow along and make it your own from beginning to end on a beautiful canvas to hang proudly in your home, office, or favorite spot.

***Max of 8 student spots available due to the large canvas size! Sign up now while space is available.*** CHECK OUT Stephen's art at https://stephenlursen.com/

Event Schedule........

Monday April 24th 10:00am - 7:00pm (Lunch provided around Noon - delivered from a local restaurant.)

1. Start with acrylic inks and fluid paints to develop a beautiful rich field of color.

2. Create unique shapes of color across the canvas to develop movement and energy.

3. Add bold splashes of color by splattering and pouring paint from 5+ feet above the canvas and allow gravity to pull your paint into a beautiful orchestration that couldn't be achieved by any other means.

4. layer in gold leaf to diversify your composition with new color, texture, and reflective quality.

5. Add drips to boost the variety of mark making which adds such an amazing energy to your work.

6. Follow your heart and imagination and find yourself smiling after completing the most unique painting of your life. A statement painting that will proudly hang in your favorite place for years to come.


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