Ivy Newport • April 16-18, 2021

Abstract by Design

$ 775
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April 16-18, 2021
Abstract by Design Workshop

This 3 day workshop will focus on creating beautiful, expressive, soulful, mixed media abstract art. You will leave with at least two pieces, ready to hang in your home, sell or give as a gift.

Day ONE - Wild & Wonderful Layers

We will begin the day choosing our color palettes for our two abstracts. Then we will play with some thumbnail sketches and compositional explorations. I will explain the elements of composition and the aesthetic principles involved in artmaking.

Then we will begin to collage, layer media and express ourselves with mark making, patterns, writing, and color. These first layers will be impulsive, intuitive and full of movement.  Wild, expressive and free! Your inner child will delight in the process. You will literally be imbuing the painting with your energy - magical to be sure! We will work both pieces simultaneously in a beautiful flow.

DAY TWO - Pathfinding & Problem Solving

The second day we will work together to identify the strongest parts of our pieces. We will again discuss composition and put these principles to work in our paintings. Learning to analyze our work is key to successful painting and strengthening our self-trust and intuition.

Learn where the eye travels on the canvas and create pathways into your art so as to draw in your viewer and create visual delight and mystery.

Together, we will quiet areas of the work and emphasize others, bringing cohesion, balance, and harmony to the pieces. We will add stunning finishing touches to bring the work to completion. 

In addition to learning many mixed media techniques and expanding your color knowledge, you will walk away with a greater understanding of composition and the editing process of painting.


On our final half day together we will finish up any remaining work and then have a group discussion and reflect upon on both our art and our experience.

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