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AC/DC White Car/Wall Power Adapter

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Product Description

The AC/DC (Awesomely Convenient Dual Converter).

It's the power adapter that goes both ways.

Yes! The AC/DC car/wall power adapter is for use with all mobile phones—iPhones, Samsung and other Android smartphones, and more.
  • The AC/DC works at the house. The AC/DC works in the car. Heck, the AC/DC just plain works.
  • Will you settle to carry around two power adapters—one for the house and one for the car? Puh-lease. This handy little must-have takes two get-in-the-way adapters & conveniently bundles them into one, compact gadget. Plug it into the wall, plug it into the car. Then hold onto it tightly because everyone who sees it will want to get their greedy little hands on it.
  • No, that’s not a bonus pocket rocketship that’s included. It’s a matching protective cap, which is nearly as exciting.

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