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Andrea Matus "Mysteries of Translucence"
Studio Workshop

Andrea Matus "Mysteries of Translucence"

  • Instructor Andrea Matus
  • Date November 3-5, 2017
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Andrea Matus "Mysteries of Translucence" Workshop



Friday Nov 3rd : 10:00am-5:00pm
Saturday Nov 4th: 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday Nov 5th: 10:00am-3:00pm

Workshop Description:

You can’t help yourself. You walk past that bizarre ghostly window; it’s darkened but you see a small flicker of something…something that lurks inside – but what? Taking a step closer you peer inside for a better look...

Mystery. The seen, the unseen… and everything in-between – that’s what this class is all about. We’re going to be creating something magnificent, magical, and very very mysterious.

The secret is in the multiple layers, but not just any layers: layers of semi-transparent and transparent materials where each layer creates a virtual veil that allows only subtle glimpses of the layers beneath. Every time you look, you’ll see something just a little different.

Created as a Master Class extension of my Collaging the Translucent class (though not a prerequisite), you’ll be guided through the process incorporating brand new methods of using transfers, resins, transparencies and acrylic sheets to create multi-tiered compositions of layered collage. With these innovations we will be able to create effects that mimic the look of printed glass, stained glass, glass etchings and encaustics.

Don your lab coat because in this adventure half of fun comes from playing the mad-scientist. We’ll be focusing on exploring and really pushing the boundaries of these techniques with lots of experimentation and play, then assimilate the best of those experiments into our project. By the end of this class you will have created a multitude of incredible layers. Our final project uses a cradled wood substrate as our base, we are going to combine layer after layer of transparencies, acrylic sheets, photos, textured papers, ephemera, textiles and found objects: both transparent and semi-visible design, focusing on light, reflection, vibrancy and jewel like depth to create a mesmerizing work of art.

What to bring for Andrea's workshop....( ALL MAIN SUPPLIES ARE INCLUDED)

      1. Small assortment of found objects, things like: watch parts, wings, rulers, fabric trim, chains, old jewelry pieces just about anything

      2. Paper, ephemera, tissue paper and collage items

      3. Copies of some of your imagery on transparency (laser is preferred –look at class samples to get an idea of what to print on transparency

      4. Photos from magazines, vintage photos, family portraits (we’ll be working about 6”x 8” as a reference), high contrast clear close-up of faces works really well – please make sure they are photocopies and try to have them copied onto glossy photo paper if possible


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          Charlotte Douglas Airport in North Carolina

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