Beginner Oil Painting with donna downey | Feb 25th & 26th 2017

Product Description

A beginner’s course in oils

this 2-day STUDIO WORKSHOP is Limited to ONLY 6 STUDENTS

Learning to use oil paints has truly opened up an incredible new artistic discovery for me. I, like many, was one of those people who confidently rambled off all of the reasons why I wouldn’t like using oils instead of giving them a try.

As like most things I embark on, once I opened my mind and my heart I absolutely have fell in love with this media.

Yes it is absolutely different then acrylics.

Yes it takes longer to dry.

Yes it can get messy.

Yes taking up oils will mean you will have to buy more paint, oil paint.

But it is for all these reasons and at least a dozen more I could easily rattle off, that I have more and more been contemplating the switch from acrylics to oils.

 Topics covered in this 2-day workshop

  • Products, tools and usage – the basic down and dirty donna style about oil painting!
  • Choosing your palette – what colors are must haves and which ones do YOU need to have!
  • Setting up your work area – this is one of the most important things. Once I figured that out it was smooth sailing.
  • Prepping your surface – again a game changer.
  • Working from still life – I thought I hated working from still life…not anymore!
  • Mapping in your design – basic shape identifying
  • Where to start building your color layers – this is the big question right? What do I do first? With a couple easy steps we will conquer this together!
  • How to finish your piece – To varnish or not to varnish, that is the question!
  • Drying/storage – stack ‘em up!

 provided for each student:

Oil paints
Students will receive (and keep) the following supplies:
* Two - 6X8 MDF PANEL 3/16IN
* One - 6X8 WOOD PANEL STUDIO Cradleboard
* Two - 8X10 WOOD PANEL STUDIO Cradleboard
Long Tapered Metal Palette Knife
Ivory Filbert Rosemary & Co. brushes :  sz. 2, 4, 8
LIMITED PRINT EDITION donna downey Oil Painting Photo Book

* Students may want to purchase Wet Panel and Canvas Carriers to make transporting wet artwork easier

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