Blick Studio Artists' Panels - 8x10 3/4" | Donna Downey Studios Inc

Blick Studio Artists' Panels - 8x10 3/4"

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Product Description

These ready-to-paint panels primed with acrylic gesso provide an exceptional painting surface for oils and acrylics. The fine, canvas-like tooth of the surface allows for great brush control and intensity of color. Gently sanding the surface of the board with very fine sandpaper produces an even finer tooth or a totally smooth surface, ideal for detail work, while still retaining the layer of gesso.

The 3/4" (2 cm) Traditional panel is framable, while the 1-1/2" (4 cm) Gallery panel requires no framing. Both feature a cradled birch plywood frame mounted flush to the edge of the panel. The sides can be stained, waxed, or painted if desired.

These are affordable, acrylic gessoed boards for artists, students, and leisure painters!

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