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Brave Animals Workshop

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  • with Cathy Walters
  • November 2-3, 2019
  • Lincolnton, NC

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    Being brave is always part of painting. You have to be willing to suck. And suck bad. It’s okay to make bad art. Bad art always comes before good art. Don’t put pressure on yourself...no one does well with that! And why would you come back to something that didn’t feel fun?

    Day 1: Brave work on paper

    Warmups! Let’s get loose (...at the beginning of every day, and after every break)

    1. speed sketches from reference picture 2. speed sketches from physical object 3. speed sketches from memory 4. blind contour drawings 5. draw with different items...paint, charcoal, fingers, rocks, palette knife 6. timed non-dominant hand work 7. draw to the rhythm of the music

    Let’s prep our space! 1. Nesting 2. Prime papers while I talk a bit 3. Small meditation time (claiming our space, and giving ourselves the freedom we need)

    It’s Paper time!

    1. find your inspiration 2. getting proportion...let’s map it out 3. don’t trust your eyes...what?! your eyes have memories! 4. finding unusual colors 5. what’s the most important part?

    Day 2 Brave work on canvas


    Prep our space!

    It’s Canvas time!

    1. supplies: gesso, canvas, acrylics, mediums, light pencil, brushes, water, paper towels 2. priming (if not done already) 3. animal placement (whys and wheres) 4. mapping it out...sketching on canvas 5. background (don’t forget the sides) 6. first layers of animal 7. let’s do the eyes and nose (we need to put some life in there!) 8. second layers of animal...add an unusual color if you want! It’s fun. (things always get a

    little iffy for me at this point...did it get away from me? Back up and see!) 9. let’s bring it back 10. to glaze or not to glaze

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What airport do I fly into?

    Charlotte Douglas Airport in North Carolina

    Do I need to rent a car?

    We offer complimentary rides (at specified times) to and from the airport and shuttle you each day to the studio. For more info, click here.

    Where do I stay?

    You can either book a room at our new studio or get a special rate with one of our hotel partners.

    To book a room at our studio, email or call us at 704-240-8076 or donna@donnadowney.com. For more info on rooms, click here.

    To book a room with a special rate with our hotel partner, see below:

    Quality Inn (located 2 miles from Donna Downey Studios)
    1550 E Main St, Lincolnton, North Carolina, 28092
    Phone: +1-623-432-0782
    Book Here

    Hampton Inn (located 2 miles from Donna Downey Studios)
    129 Roper Drive, Lincolnton, North Carolina, 28092
    Phone: +1-704-736-2000
    To register online for the special event rate, click here or call and use Donna Downey Studios corporate code 0002759994

    What is the cancellation policy?

    Purchased class spots are non-refundable. In the event that you cannot attend, and the workshop is sold out, please email kelli@donnadowney.com to be put in contact with the first person on the waiting list. From there, the payment must be worked out between both parties. If there is no waiting list, we are unfortunately unable to provide any refund or credit.

    If you would like to enroll in a workshop that has been sold out,
    please send an email to donna@donnadowney.com and you will be put on a waiting list.
    Questions? Contact donna@donnadowney.com