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Coffee Cup Workshop

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Stephen Lursen is back with a brand new art instructional video! This time he is teaching you step by step from white canvas to the very last brush stroke of a beautiful coffee themed painting. The paints he uses are acrylics. This video is a total of an hour and a half, broken down into 6 separate chapters, to make it easier to download and stream on your computer or device. "Coffee Cup Workshop" is a brand new art instructional video where Stephen Lursen demonstrates and explains each and every step, not only does he explain and demonstrate how to achieve this painting, but he also elaborates on how you can make it your own by using your own subject matter and favorite color palette. This painting is a beautiful combination of abstraction and realism. Painting along with this video will greatly increase your understanding of both art forms.

Coffee Cup Workshop is in 720p HD for better clarity than previous videos. Each part is labeled appropriately for easy use, chapters 1 through 6 respectively.

I am so excited to bring you this new Fall/Winter classic! I hope you enjoy this workshop as much as so many others have locally in our studio!

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