Danielle Donaldson "whatnots (illustrated)" Workshop | Feb 10-11th, 2017

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Danielle Donaldson is coming back to Donna Downey Studios for a another new & exciting workshop!




If you LOVE to draw or want to learn and you think watercolors are the dreamiest thing ever, I hope you’ll come to my newest workshop, Whatnots (Illustrated)

During our first day together, we will begin by learning how to work with watercolor paints using our yummy Daniel Smith watercolor palettes and some super fun skill-building exercises. The exercises will include different types of washes, layering colors, and transitioning from one color to the next. We’ll switch gears in the afternoon and focus on strengthening our basic drawing skills. We will be using everyday objects (like our art supplies and flowers from the grocery store) as inspiration to draw more accurately and on a small scale. Last, we’ll study about composition and white space.

On our second day, we’ll take all that we learned and spend the day creating a beautifully composed illustration that includes a bell jar or mason jar with pretty flowers and leaves and whatever you decide to fill it with! Throughout the day, we’ll take little breaks and I’ll demonstrate different techniques sprinkled with lots of color and imagination to give you the inspiration you need to work on your illustration. It’s going to be awesome!

This class is great for all levels of artists! However, there will be a video available on my site in January, 2017 that is highly recommended as pre-workshop homework for those who have little to no experience with watercolor. I will go over basic supplies and washes to ensure we start the workshop in the very best way possible for everyone.

Techniques and skills included are: watercolor washes, mixing watercolors, basic composition and white space, small-scale drawing

Biography: Danielle Donaldson is a mixed-media artist and illustrator. She is always scheming up new ways to infuse her love of watercolors and other mediums with as much color as possible. Danielle's art always tells a story without words through her use of color, depth and light. Some say it’s whimsical; she says it’s fanciful with a smidge of sassy. Danielle is the author of ‘creativeGIRL: mixed media projects for an artful life’ which contains a plethora of goodness about her art and process. In her free time, you can find her in ‘the dorm room’ playing with art supplies and imagining up new creative stuff to share.


Event Schedule
Friday February 10th- 10:00am-5:00pm
Saturday February 11th - 10:00am-5:00pm

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