“Field of Vision” Online Video & Workshop in a Box Kit

Product Description

This workshop is one of a new series of “Workshop in a Box” courses.

This video workshop is a great introduction into using oil based pigment sticks and takes you start to finish and step-by-step through each of the techniques used to create this whimsical floral “Field of Vision” art piece. You will learn about surface prep, applications for using R+F Pigment Sticks from direct stick to canvas, spreading color with a palette knife as well as slicing and applying with a palette knife for the most dramatic effects, right through to using turpenoid for cleanup.

I have never used an easier medium for creating dramatic, textural results on a canvas than using the R+F Pigment Sticks. As a lover of texture and after trying to achieve multi-layer textural results as an acrylic artist, I longed to be able to create the depth created in the works of oil painters like Van Gogh (he is my absolute favorite). Knowing that working with oil paint isn’t the easiest to work with because of needing to use solvents and thinners, I saw an opportunity to try oil paint when I found R+F Pigment Sticks. With no messy prep or the need to use solvents or thinners, they work right off the stick and produce the most AMAZING texturized results like the ones I have always admired in the works of Van Gogh.

If stretching your Mixed-Media understanding of new art media and easily re-creating the texturized effects of the greats like Van Gogh this workshop is a must do for you! It will change the way you look at all other art!

The Workshop in a BOX kits includes...
- “Field of Vision” Video workshop
- R + F Pigment sticks (all 12 colors)
- gesso brush
- 4 oz. Turpenoid (odorless)
- rubber gloves
- flexible palette knife

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