Foil Engraving Art Scraper Tools 4/Pkg | Donna Downey Studios Inc

Foil Engraving Art Scraper Tools 4/Pkg

Product Description

  • ROYAL BRUSH-Royal and Langnickel Engraving Art Tool Set. Use these tools to scrape away the lines on your Engraving Art foil board (not included) to reveal your own engraving masterpiece! This set contains #1 Cutter, #2 Cutter, #3 Cutter and #4 Cutter. Use them to make a variety of strokes and lines. Each tool measures 6 inches long. Caution: Contains functional sharp edge. Handle with care.
  • This well-crafted set of engraving tools was designed specifically for children. The tools have a great grip and make superb engravings.

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