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Get Your Moves On with Sandra Duran Wilson
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Get Your Moves On with Sandra Duran Wilson

  • Instructor Sandra Duran Wilson
  • Date September 27-28, 2017
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"Get Your Moves On" Workshop with Sandra Duran Wilson

Sept 27-28, 2017

Class Description:

This class is the ultimate painting and mixed media class. Not only will you learn some new ways to push your paint around, you will also learn how to use tools to create texture, depth, line, highlights and shadow. Learn how to use palette knives, razors, skewers and specialty brushes such as liners, flats and rounds. Become the master of depth and add contrast to your paintings by adding highlights and building shadows. Shadows are built up in layers and add wonderful 3-D effects. Glazing and using reverse techniques to bring light back to a painting will be shared. Squeegees and specialty tools will be made in class.

We will experiment with some found tools, learn how to use viscosity to move paint and work with matte and gloss sheens. Blending without getting mud is the key here. You will learn both implied and applied textures and of course there will be a transfer. Whether you are a realistic painter or an abstract painter, this class will teach you ways to use tools, layer glaze colors, blend colors and add light and darks for added depth in your painting. Many of these methods are not taught in workshops. You may discover them on your own, but save yourself a lot of time and jump start your next painting.

Artist Bio: Sandra Duran Wilson is an award winning artist whose work is found in private, corporate and civic collections across North America, Europe and Australia. She is represented in galleries in both the US and Australia. She is a trained printmaker and painter and has been teaching locally and internationally for over 15 years. She is the author of 5 art technique books, her work appears in numerous publications and she has several DVD's on mixed media painting.

She uses her background in experimental science to develop new ways to work with mixed media. "Exploration and experimentation are my obsessions. I spend days trying different things and then share the results in my books, DVDs and classes. I love to awaken the passion embedded in each person and to assist them in learning the language to express their own unique vision. I find working with all levels of artists to be the most rewarding and encouraging the question, what if...?"

Event Schedule
Wednesday  Sept 27th - 10:00am-5:00pm
Thursday Sept 28th - 10:00am-5:00pm

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