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How To Draw and Paint the Face! The complete collection by Stephen Lursen

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Product Description

If you've ever purchased an online workshop by Stephen Lursen before, then you know how educational his lessons really are! In this collection, we are packaging all 5 of Stephen's Online Workshops with a focus on the face. 
Starting with How to draw the eyes, you will learn just that! And not just one set of eyes, but multiple. It's not just about copying a pair of eyes, but about learning how to draw any eyes by following a few simple guidelines.
Then on to How to draw the nose and mouth. Here Stephen walks you step by step, ANYONE can follow along, no prior drawing skills are necessary!
Next up is Paint a Face! Where you will learn to stamp properly with Donna Downey Studios' cling stamp: OFF IN THE DISTANCE. You will learn how to mix flesh tones, how to draw and then paint hair too! And finally tie it all together beautifully with a lovely and dramatic background effect.
Once you've worked through "Paint a Face" you're ready for Paint the Face II! In this workshop you will start with Donna Downey Studios' cling stamp "What do you see". Using a different color mixture than in Paint a Face, you will learn to create flesh tones, and create a dynamic composition with hair flowing in front of the face, all over a glowing background. The grunge edge effect you learn in this workshop can be used over and over again in any painting. The vignette effect is a powerful tool to draw focus to the face and make your painting POP!
Also included is Stephen's workshop titled Day Dreamer. You'll start with Donna Downey Studios' cling stamp Anastasia {believes}. From there, learn all about creating a wide range of color without having to start with many options. Learn a simpler way of painting flesh tones than in any of the previous workshops. Create a custom radiating effect that draws the focus to the face. And most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! 
With this package, you will truly get the experience, education, and confidence you need to draw and paint faces at will! We believe in these workshops and we believe in you! If you are drawn to figurative art, then you HAVE to try this! Hours and hours of education. Go for it! You won't regret it.

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