Hummingbird Workshop

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Product Description

Stephen is back with a gorgeous new painting workshop!

Take a look at the trailer to see not only Stephen's painting, but also the work of other artists like you! He instructs every step of the process from blank white canvas to the very end. This is truly a mixed media painting because in addition to paint, you will collage, and add elements such as buttons, glitter, and sequins. The thought behind this painting is capturing a moment in time as a couple hummingbirds fly in and out of beautiful colorful flowers.

I highly encourage you to paint this with your own favorite colors in mind to create a truly unique and original work of art.

Part 1: 11:20
Part 2:  9:50
Part 3: 10:10
Part 4: 14:23
Part 5: 16:56
Total video time: 1(hour): 02(minutes): 39(seconds)

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