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Jesse Reno

  • Instructor Jesse Reno
  • Date March 23-25, 2018
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This class will introduce students to my ideas, techniques and phylosiphies about painting and the creative process. through a series of  lessons , demos, student work time, and critique  

each day will include various painting demos on techniques, and engagements in the creative process. we will combine these lessons to create pieces rich in variation, and conflicting ideas, which will pose questions for us and help us find and follow our truest desires and beliefs within our work.

the techniques and underlying ideas focus on staying expressed within our process. not worrying about making mistakes rather learning to adapt fix and use our mistakes to create images that would otherwise not be possible. building a flow that teaches us to observe and follow freely based on our feelings about our work. teaching us to change directions to find new and unimaginable outcomes. a process built on experimentation and exploration.

Jesse's Bio

i am a self taught mixed media painter. ive been supporting myself from my art for the last 13 years. in that time ive created over 4000 paintings. my prices have risen 1000%. i have sold almost 90% of everything i have created. i have been the sole manager of my career with no buisness background. i have shown in over 100 galleries. i have taught my techniques and ideas about painting extensively in the us, canada, australia, and mexico.  i only take on work where i am free to create as i wish and be myself. i have never pre planned or conceptualized a painting in my entire career. i could tell you alot of stories..

I've taught people who have never painted, and people who paint full time this is class is open to all levels.


Workshop Description...

Its all about painting painting over and painting over layering ideas,  changing ideas starting new ones coming back to old ones.. it should be a  personal journey that remains free and fun in which  the creator is  engaged in a process that is free of restraint so they may paint and see  there work as it happens.. its abstract in alot of ways but it all makes  sense when you see it. its something you really need to practice..  you will  take home many ideas and experiences that will evolve over time as you continue to apply and learn from them..    

For me painting is an experience in every way, i love the feeling of each  of my mediums and methods, drawing clenched fisted, wrong handed, without  looking, using my hand and palms to smear and mix acrylic paints, using  brushes, scrapers, oil crayons, and pastels in any way that comes to mind.  I'm always looking for a new technique to inspire me.. painting in many  reckless layers searching for a meaning in random intentions, then pulling  out the images i begin to see. This is what i will aim to instill in all  of you.. the excitement of the unexpected.. creating in ways that don't  seem like they should work. This will really open you up and remove the  stress from painting.. each time showing us and reinforcing the idea that  we can outshine our expectation of ourselves in ways we never knew..    

In this 3 day workshop we will cover a ton of techiniques, working on  multiple paintings over the course of the class.. focusing on letting go  of our pre cocieved ideas about painting, learning to see whats really  there rather than getting caught up in what we want to see.. learning to  appreciate what appears as it appears..    

we will learn to mix colors, understand combining, and seperating elements  within a painting, to get a truely mixed and collaged cohesion within our finished works..

statement about my process and ideas - this is the story that tells itself to me, the weight of personal truth  regardless of its outcome. My work acts for no reason other than to convey  an inner struggle for expression... simple and direct. open for  interpretation. always with purpose. words mispelled left out just like  real thinking, the disconnected string of thoughts that guides the day.  this is my expression.. 200 times this year ive painted random layers of  self introspection and visualization.. expanding and growing through trial  and error. the paintings thicken with purpose as time goes on with each  new thought learned, and each layer created, confirmed, rethought, re  identified, and tested until it is true or removed.    

I approach painting with random intentions to give a sense of natural  order.. its integral to my process, as well as my intentions. i attempt to  find meaning thru seperating myself from my thougths and then following  them thru my actions. i generally work on 5 to 10 paintings at all times  so i can jump between them all, and stay busy i try not to get to caught  up with any one piece until it nears its end. i feel this keeps my self  editing more honest, it keeps me from getting to atatched to one idea, and  allows me to move on to follow rather than lead my thoughts. this is what  i strive for more than anything in process, following what i see. i  generally work on pieces in many small sessions so my assessments are new  and fresh each time i sit down to work a piece. in the final stages i tend  to make sense of the imagery and add any final touches. often it isnt  until a painting is almost completely finished that i understand its  meaning.    

My art relates to primitivism in the purest sense, it comes from within  with strong belief. The images search for pureness in expression and  connection beyond language... As in primitive cultures my creations remain  pure as if they are my visual diaries, free from the concerns of  technique, preconceived ideas, meaning, or concern for what has come  before... they come from within, and manifest as expressions of the world  that surrounds, like gods created in ones own image, a reflection of  self...

Find out more about Jesse

for visual examples of my work, bio, resume, and process please see my site -

to get a feel for my background and ideas check out a talk i gave at the national art educators conference in chicago

extended process video



Event Schedule........

Friday March 23rd 2018
9:00am - 4:00PM workshop 
12:00pm-1:00pm - Lunch provided at the studio

Saturday March 24th 2018
9:00am - 4:00PM workshop 
12:00-1:00pm - Lunch provided at the studio

Sunday March 25th 2018
9:00am - 4:00pm workshop 
12:00pm-1:00pm - Lunch provided at the studio


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