donna downey • April 17-18, 2021

LIVE ONLINE - Fearless Florals Acrylic

$ 325
This is a LIVE 2-day Workshop via Zoom
April 17-18, 2021
10AM-4PM (Eastern Time) 
lunch break: Noon-1PM

* Your Zoom invite and class images will be sent in a separate email the day before the event. 

The freedom of expression. This is the powerful, yet simple truth we explore as artists when we put paint to canvas. In this workshop, you will learn to develop a strong composition, loosen your brushwork, how and when to load up your brush with paint and use value to develop dramatic juxtapositions of shadow and light.

In my own artistic journey, flowers have represented freedom. This course was developed to share how painting flowers comes without boundaries! Artists are allowed to paint in all shapes and sizes and infinite amount of colors. Paint them with a bit of whimsy, exaggerate the lean of the stems or add a fallen bloom resting beside the vase (a little something I commonly add into my floral pieces).

I want you to feel absolute creative freedom as I guide you towards painting loosely and with unbounding joy. You will leave with two beautiful expressive floral paitings!

Course will focus on:

  • Color mixing
  • Developing strong composition
  • The art of the painted sketch
  • Mapping your color choices
  • Working dark to light when layering color
  • Making the background an integral part of your design
  • Understanding the cause and effect relationship with subject and background.
  • Using shadow and light to understand the importance of value in your art.
  • Keeping loose and staying loose!!

Students will need the following supplies for class:

  • two 16x20 (or larger) canvas or surface
  • 2 small 8x10 ish surfaces. this can be primed paper. these are for our practices
  • Princeton Catalyst wedge No.6 (or similar)
  • Palette or Palette Paper  
  • STA-WET Palette (recommended)
  • Heavy body Acrylic Paints in the following colors + any of your favorites to add into your color mixing
    • Titanium white or gesso (i use gesso a lot instead of white)
    • Dioxazine Purple or Dark purple
    • Phthalo Green Blue shade or Phthalo turquoise
    • Light Ultramarine Blue or Ultramarine blue
    • Cadmium Yellow
    • Cadmium Red
    • Qiinacridone Nickel azo Gold
    • Phthalo Green Blue shade or Phthalo turquoise
    • Quinacridone Magent
  • Open Medium. I use this for extended workability.
  • Heavy Gek Medium or regular gel medium
  • Paintbrushes. I suggest a couple of flats and rounds in different sizes just in case.
  • Princeton Catalyst Mini blade M-02 or Palette Knife
  • Brush Bucket. To clean your brushes.
  • Paper Towels
  • Easel or Tabletop Easel

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