Oil Painting Sessions - Series 2 - Gaining Perspective / Chair Study | | Donna Downey Studios Inc
  1. Workshop Lessons 5 Videos (59:56)
  2. Introduction
  3. Lesson 1: Setting Up (1:57)
  4. Lesson 2: Sketching In (6:19)
  5. Lesson 3: Mapping Out Your Design (21:46)
  6. Lesson 4: Tightening Up the Design (28:13)
  7. Lesson 5: Cleaning Up (1:41)
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Oil Painting Sessions - Series 2 - Gaining Perspective / Chair Study

  • Instructor donna downey
  • Course Length 5 Videos (59:56)
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Series 2 – Gaining Perspective / Chair Study

This lesson includes:

  • Subject related to space
  • Using color to define space
  • Playing on perspective to add interest
  • Adding details to your design
  • Process of using thin layers to develop your design
  • Basic Value: Darks Darker and your Lights Lighter
  • A brief insight on Van Gogh’s chairs
  • Painting from the inside out and the outside in
  • Easy Clean up

Supplies used throughout all 5 Series lessons:

  • Canvas: Primed with red acrylic paint
  • Oil Paintbrushes: in a size 4 or 6 whatever you feel most comfortable using.
    • My personal favorites are the Ivory Long Filbert, Ivory Long Flat 'Curved Edge' or Ivory Long Flats from Rosemary & Co
    • Many acrylic brushes can be used for oil paint. Just stay away from watercolor brushes they are not firm enough to move the heavy bodied oil paint.
  • Oil paints: Any brand you prefer
  • Gamsol: Odorless Mineral Spirits for thinning Gamblin mediums and for general painting. I use this primarily for cleaning my brushes as I work
  • Palette: This can be any non-porous surface like palette pad, glass palette, etc. Use what you have.
  • Oil Medium: Any oil medium will work and there are dozens to choose from. I like the Gamblin Alkyd Medium from Safflower Oil or Walnut Oil by M. Graham & Co.
  • Paper Towels
  • Rubber Gloves: Not all oil painters wear gloves so this is not a must have.

Specific to this lesson

  • 6x8” canvas
  • Size 4 paintbrush
  • Oil paint colors: o Yellow Ochre
    • Titanium White
    • Raw Umber
    • Turquoise
    • Pyrrole Red
    • Quinacridone Magenta
    • Earth Green
    • Yellowish Green
    • Ultramarine Blue
  • Wipe out tool (For signature only)