Omnigrid Gridded Mat - 8.75"X11.75" | Donna Downey Studios Inc

Omnigrid Gridded Mat - 8.75"X11.75"

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Product Description

Dritz-Omnigrid Mat. Omnigrid mats have several unique features that quilters appreciate: One side features a medium green background with bright yellow grid lines and the other side features a solid grey without grid lines. Both sides feature a forgiving surface and will not damage your rotary cutter. The grids on these mats feature inch markings to the 1/8in and a full surface grid with 45 degree angles as well. Mat measures 11-3/4x8-3/4 inches with an 11x8 inch grid. WARNING: Contains Phthalates: known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. Imported.

Omnigrid mats have several unique features that quilters appreciate. The mat reverses from a medium green with grid lines to a light gray without grid lines. The gray side is easier on the eyes and useful when working with different fabric values (choose whatever offers the most contrast for accurate cutting.) Omnigrid markings are distinct and readable, and they line up with Omnigrid rulers. The outer dimensions are 1" larger which gives a larger cutting area. Also, the mat surface is smooth which keeps the rotary blade sharper longer.

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