"Once I Was Lost" | ORIGINAL, Maven Series | Donna Downey Studios Inc

"Once I Was Lost" | ORIGINAL, Maven Series

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Product Description

oil on canvas
Maven Series

"At first glance this may seem like a pretty dark piece, but I don't see it that way. I have been setting aside time each morning to free write for the past month. Like meditation, I find I can tap into the quiet thoughts just below the surface...the fears, the insecurities, the obstacles that cloud my view. I am realizing more about the WHY I paint and what it is I want to truly express. Yes it is a statement piece, but it is not dark or light, it is a moment of being, a place of unknowingness, a state of ignorance, a before, a part of a very long journey."


ready to hang / wired and mounted in custom black float frame
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