"Narrate Fauvist Here" | ORIGINAL, Skew Series | Donna Downey Studios Inc

"Narrate Fauvist Here" | ORIGINAL, Skew Series

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Product Description

original measures 16x20"

oil on canvas

Collection: Skew the Masters Series

Inspired by Van Gogh’s Landscape at Auvers after the Rain

(Title is an anagram of the letters in: Auvers After the Rain)

ready to hang / wired and mounted in custom black float frame

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Van Gogh spent the last few months of his life in Auvers-sur-Oise, a small town just north of Paris, after he left an asylum in May 1890. The viewpoint from above was a favorite perspective of his.

Van Gogh described the painting in a letter to his sister…

“Lately I’ve been working a lot and quickly; by doing so I’m trying to express the desperately swift passage of things in modern life.

Yesterday in the rain I painted a large landscape viewed from a height in which there are fields as far as the eye can see, different types of greenery, a dark green field of potatoes, between the regular plants the lush, violet earth, a field of peas in flower whitening to the side, a field of pink-flowered lucerne with a small figure of a reaper, a field of long, ripe grass, fawn in hue, then wheat fields, poplars, a last line of blue hills on the horizon, at the bottom of which a train is passing, leaving behind it an immense trail of white smoke in the greenery. A white road crosses the canvas. On the road a little carriage and white houses with stark red roofs beside this road. Fine rain streaks the whole with blue or grey lines”

We are so fortunate to know so much about Van Gogh through his almost daily letters to his family. His descriptions of color are so vivid and I wanted to be able to translate his palette into a floral depicting the richness he describes.

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