Painted Blossoms by Carrie Schmitt

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Product Description

You will love this painting book if:

  • You love to paint flowers
  • You are interesting in how to developing your own art style
  • You want to learn mixed-media and acrylic painting techniques

It’s your time to bloom. Pick up the paintbrush and cultivate creative joy while you learn to paint flowers with Carrie Schmitt. Painted Blossoms will show you easy painting techniques while you learn how to create beautiful organic masterpieces.
The good news is anyone can paint beautiful flowers. Each flower is unique and no one can paint them wrong. Approach these painting techniques like you are designing a garden. Go over art basics, design principles and how to prepare the mind, body and soul for the joyful art projects inside. With seven different stepped-out flower painting projects, you will learn how to embrace the creativity inside, how to get unstuck, how to carve your own stamps, how to cut your own stencils and more.

A sampling of what you’ll add to your creative toolshed with Painted Blossoms:

  • Techniques for creating a wide variety of flower shapes
  • The know-how to incorporate key design elements into your floral paintings
  • How to absorb inspiration beyond the garden to include your favorite symbols, intentions and stories in your paintings
  • Tips and advice from over a dozen established artists--each with a unique floral style

A Word from the Author
“We will embrace the wild, the natural, the free. Let go. Mimic the rose with its many layers. Imitate the wild wisteria vine with its playful unpredictability. And admire the determined ivy for its tenacity and ability to make breakthroughs despite obstacles.

Anaïs Nin said,
‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.’

Today is that day. Let us begin together.” --Carrie Schmitt

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