PANPASTEL 80 COLOUR SET | Donna Downey Studios Inc


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Product Description

PanPastels were specially developed so that artists could lift, apply, and control pastel color, just like true painting. Loaded with the highest quality artists’ pigments, they are erasable and fully compatible with traditional pastel sticks, pastel surfaces, and conventional fixatives. They can be mixed, blended, layered, and applied like paint for an infinite palette of colors. With PanPastel, it is possible to block in large areas of color in seconds, for backgrounds, underpainting, and tinting paper. PanPastels clean up easily. This set has the full range of 80 colours from the PanPastel range with selection of tools/accessories as detailed below. 4 x Palette Trays 4 x Sofft® Knives 16 x Sofft® Covers 8 x Sofft® Mini Applicators 4 x Sofft® Sponge Bars 1 x Sofft® Big Oval Sponge 2 x Sofft® Angle Slice Sponges 1 x Sofft® Applicator & Heads

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