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PanPastel-colorless blender

Product Description

Introducing the first Colorless Blender for soft pastels. The PanPastel Colorless Blender is a medium that can be used for a variety of new effects including increasing transparency and enhancing color “flow”.

Using The Colorless Blender
Use the Colorless Blender to create transparent effects with PanPastel Colors. The image below shows how you can use the Colorless Blender to create a transparent effect without changing the hue of the pigment. By comparison, when using PanPastel White with the same color (Permanent Red 340.5) the effect is very different – white will tint the color, changing the final effect and making the color more opaque. Unlike the Colorless Blender which made it more transparent and retained the hue.

It can be used before color is applied (under the color), or mixed with the color after it is applied

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