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PanPastel Pearl Medium - black fine

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Product Description

What Are Mediums? Mediums are additives that alter how colors work, extending the techniques and finished effects that are possible.

The new PanPastel Mediums are – Colorless Blender, Pearl White (Fine & Coarse) and Pearl Black (Fine & Coarse). The new mediums have all the characteristics of PanPastel Colors, they are mixable, erasable, low dust, lightfast and professional artist’s quality.

PanPastel Pearl Medium – Black Mix the Black Pearl Mediums with PanPastel Colors to create shimmering darks and shades for rich, jewel-like effects. Each white and black medium is available in fine and coarse.

FINE – Contains smaller particles to create a soft and subtle pearl sheen.
COARSE – Contains larger particles to create a more shimmering sparkle.

PEARL MEDIUMS PanPastel Pearl Mediums add a pearlescent sheen / shimmer which changes depending on the angle it is viewed from, this also creates dimension. The Pearl Mediums can be mixed with PanPastel Colors for custom pearlescent colors or used on their own for mixed media.

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