Pointillism Online Workshop! The Complete Collection by Stephen Lursen

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Product Description

We are so excited to present to you a beautiful collection of online workshops all incorporating the technique of pointillism! In this collection we have Stephen Lursen's Coffee Cup Workshop, Hummingbird Workshop, London New York and Paris Workshop, and Abstract Workshop #1! These four workshops will take you on a painting adventure where you will learn and have fun along the way. A wide variety of techniques and concepts are taught in these videos and they will propel your creativity and artistry to the next level! You will love creating your masterpieces in these step by step workshops. No prior art experience is necessary. The instruction is clear and demonstrates each and every step of the process.

These online videos never expire! Buying them now allows you to download and stream these workshops FOREVER! Work on each painting at your own pace.

[The 4 Logos within the main image "Pointillism Online Workshop: The Complete Collection" were originally designed by Freepik.com]


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