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Rustico Buckle Leather Wristband - Dark Brown

Product Description

When you're packing a mule in the High Uintas, pay attention. Great ideas come flowing up there. Surrounded by cold glacier-filled lakes and snowcapped mountains, Isaac got inspiration for this band's design from Ole Bessie's saddlery harness.

  • 1.25" x 17"
  • Overlaps itself
  • Made from top-grain cowhide
  • Adjustable buckle closure

How to get a rugged patina.

  • The oils from your skin shape the patina's look over time. So go ahead. Handle it.
  • Using chemicals will weaken the leather. Be patient. Its ruggedness will grow in character with you.
  • Don't be afraid of a scuff. Lick your finger. Rub it in.
  • Avoid leaving leather in direct sunlight or extreme heat.
  • We recommend Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam for additional leather conditioning.

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