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  1. Workshop Lessons 11 Parts (2 Hours and 9 Minutes)
  2. Introduction
  3. Part 1: Beginning an abstract painting (10:20)
  4. Part 2: Fun with splattering paint (13:29)
  5. Part 3: Glazing color over color (13:00)
  6. Part 4: A nod to the past; Vincent van Gogh (9:31)
  7. Part 5: All that glitters and gleams (9:59)
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Online Workshop

Starry Eyed - Online Workshop

  • Instructor Stephen Lursen
  • Course Length 11 Parts (2 Hours and 9 Minutes)
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  • 11 Parts (2 Hours and 9 Minutes)
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Customer Reviews

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Starry Eyed Workshop is Stephen Lursen's debut, large scale painting, video workshop. Watch, learn, and work along with him as he paints a 4' x 3' mixed media painting. He breaks each step down with wonderful explanations that clearly demonstrate every step of the process. With a total of 129 minutes (over 2 hours!) of instruction, this experience is the closest you can come to taking a full, in person workshop, with Stephen right here at Donna Downey Studios. 

Concerned about working large for the first time? Don't be! You can do it! Furthermore, this painting is completely scaleable. You can use the lessons learned in this video and create a wide range of paintings, from very small to much larger than Stephen's 4'x3' canvas. No prior painting skills are necessary!

The included collaged element (the figures PDF) are downloadable in 6 sizes to empower you to pick the right size for your canvas.

Feel free to preview the supplies list to make sure you have the necessary supplies and purchase whatever may be needed.

part 1 (10:20) - Beginning an abstract painting

part 2 (13:29) - Fun with splattering paint

part 3 (13:00) - Glazing color over color

part 4 (9:31) - A nod to the past; Vincent van Gogh

part 5 (9:59) - All that glitters and gleams

part 6 (12:11) - Simple landscaping and collage

part 7 (6:37) - Building a fire and letting it glow

part 8 (13:52) - Simple figure painting

part 9 (13:50) - Making it snuggly... painting colorful textiles

part 10 (16:43) - Making smoke signals

part 11 (9:25) - Vignettes and fireflies