Stephen Lursen Art

Starry Eyed - original painting by Stephen Lursen

$ 2,592

An original mixed media painting by Stephen Lursen. 4'x3' on gallery depth canvas.

This painting is richly colored and has little moments of reflective gold leaf and glitter.

Stephen gave a nod to one of his favorite artists Vincent van Gogh with his inclusion of the whimsical swirls in the sky reminiscent of Starry Night.

Layers of color glazes, drips, splatters, spots, and swirls are painted to create a high energy sky dancing over the heads of an unsuspecting couple. Flickering fireflies make the couple feel as if they're floating among the stars.

In the last image, Starry Eyed is hanging along side "Making Waves" as they share an abstract wave moving through the top third of each painting. Both paintings are currently for sale.

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