Series 1

The Afternoon Artist

$ 15

“The Afternoon Artist”

begin painting masterpieces in minutes

An Artist’s intuitive process can sometimes be too intangible for words. I could best describe it as, a gut reaction to forward motion. The artistic inertia created when I start to play and touch product ignites something deep within me and the “what if” side of my psyche overpowers all other thought.

 Creating 24 hour masterpieces like these are often my way of clearing out the chaos of creative block and daring to challenge myself intuitively allowing the powers of the “what if” mentality to lead the way.

Each short instructional video in this series has been designed to inspire you to create with your ”what if” intuitions by guiding you step-by-step through my personal processes as an Artist. Through casual and conversational dialog, I explain my choices in product, share my reactions to intuitive design and suggest variations along the way.

“The Afternoon Artist” is an instructional and intimate look into creative thought processes of me, the Artist, as I work start to completion on a piece of art.

  • Each Afternoon Artist lesson is a totally unique and stand-alone experience.
  • Each lesson has been designed to stretch you creatively and get you picking up a paintbrush and painting in minutes.
  • These creative shorts have been designed to be interpreted literally with a full supplies list included OR to be interpreted intuitively by the students themselves.
  • Each lesson has been designed as an inspirational motivation towards tapping into your own “what if” sensibilities.
  • Each lesson has been designed to be completed start to finish (including ALL drying time) in a 24-hour period.

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