The Magic of Fall Workshop | Online Workshop with Stephen Lursen | Donna Downey Studios Inc
  1. Workshop Lessons 6 Parts: 1 Hour and 53 Minutes
  2. Introduction
  3. Part 1: Drawing The Background (14:29)
  4. Part 2: Painting The Background (19:37)
  5. Part 3: Painting The Mid-ground (16:42)
  6. Part 4: Painting The Foreground (16:27)
  7. Part 5: Perfecting The Cat and Coffee Mug (26:45)
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Online Workshop

The Magic of Fall Workshop

  • Instructor Stephen Lursen
  • Course Length 6 Parts: 1 Hour and 53 Minutes
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  • 6 Parts: 1 Hour and 53 Minutes
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Welcome to The Magic of Fall Online Workshop!!!

Purchase now to get started painting ASAP! It is such a beautiful idea to have handmade seasonal artwork to hang in celebration every Fall! This painting is perfect to make your own and share with friends and family for years to come. And make it your own by changing the color scheme to celebrate a different season!

This workshop is completely approachable and doable for painters of ALL levels! How? I've pre drawn the background, mid-ground, and 3 versions of the cat in the foreground for you to download (included in the purchase) and print out. Not only that, but I've created the printable PDF files in 3 popular standard sizes! 8"x10", 11"x14", and even 16"x20"! You have so many options to paint on. Paint in a journal, on paper, a canvas, panel, or on anything you like! Once you print the images out, you trace them onto your surface with transfer paper (there are certainly other methods you can use instead, like carbon spray, or even cut them out and collage them onto the surface to paint over. Anything is possible and will be successful in the end) Once the image is transferred onto your surface, paint it! AND VOILA! You've created a hand painted masterpiece!

Once you purchase this workshop, you are immediately welcome to download it and/or stream it at your convenience and it never expires!!! You have it forever to work through repeatedly at your own pace, as often as you like!

This acrylic painting workshop video is broken into 6 parts for easier downloading and streaming.

Part 1 - Drawing The Background: 14:29

Part 2 - Painting The Background: 19:37

Part 3 - Painting The Mid-ground: 16:42

Part 4 - Painting The Foreground: 16:27

Part 5 - Perfecting The Cat and Coffee Mug:  26:45

Part 6 - Perfecting The Windows, Steam, and Stars:  19:27

Total duration of instruction: 1:53:27

(Please read this supply list for recommended materials)

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Happy Painting!!!