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this wokshop is an introduction to PanPastels as a medium of color and will walk you through step by step as we explore the following key concepts.

* the palettes of color
* tools
* aplication
* layering techniques
* shading
* blending
* and fixing

we will be creating in a working journal as we experiment, document and explore this new medium. the journal will then become a resource as well as an integral part of the process as we progress through each workshop in the series.

supplies suggested for this workshop:

PanPastel 101: set of 5 (White, neutral grey, turquoise, bright yellow green, diarylide yellow), sponge bars, Sofft Big Oval sponge, moleskine sketch, crafters workshop: Butterfly Meadow, crafters workshop: Circle Grid, white eraser, krylon workable fixitif, krylon matte finish,

never expires and downloads direct to your computer

high quality video download information:
dimensions: 478 x 359
video file size: 102.8MB (will take SEVERAL minutes to download)
video duration: 45 minutes
will need updated version of Quicktime
Workshop includes downloadable project photos handout


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