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PanPastel 102 is the second workshop of the 2-part beginner series. PanPastel 102 is an introduction to building and laying backgrounds by exploring how PanPastels react to surfaces, textures and mediums. you are encouraged to work along with the video workshop as i step-by-step instruct you through application techniques, tutorials, and demonstrations.

we will be creating in a working journal as we experiment, document and explore this new medium. the journal will then become a resource as well as an integral part of the process as we progress through each workshop in the series.
supplies suggested for this workshop:
PanPastel 102: set of 5 (magenta, bright yellow green shade, turquoise shade, permanent red, black)
moleskine sketch
angled slice bars
square bar
modeling paste
black gesso
crackle paste
krylon workable fixitif
krylon matte finish
crafters workshop: Branches TCW208
crafters workshop: Bricks TCW191s

high quality video download information:
dimensions: 478 x 359
video file size: 102.8MB (will take SEVERAL minutes to download)
video duration: 45 minutes
will need updated version of Quicktime
Workshop includes downloadable project photos

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