VIDEO WORKSHOP: PanPastel 203 "pretty little houses"

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PanPastel 203: “pretty little houses”
4 instructional sessions + final project

“pretty little houses” is a mixed media journey through PanPastels utilizing the principles of positive and negative space, stencils, collage, versamark stamping, fabric applications and dimensional color building. Each session builds on the one before it as you gain a working knowledge, practice and understanding of PanPastels around the common design theme of houses. As with all my other workshops, once you download the video it is yours to keep and watch over and over again. And wait until you see the final project…so much fun!

basic supplies:
moleskine sketch
New PanPastel colors introduced:
Phthalo blue tint
Untramarine blue extra dark shade
Hansa yellow shade
Diarylide yellow shade
Raw umber

Soft tools used:
Sofft Tools - Knives & Covers
soft sponge bars - assorted 4 pack
sofft flat angle slice sponges
GOLDEN acrylic ground for pastels
krylon workable fixitif
krylon matte finish

high quality video download information:
dimensions: 478 x 359
video file size: 223.7MB (will take SEVERAL minutes to download)
video duration: 2 hours
will need updated version of Quicktime
Workshop includes video, pdf template download and supplies used

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