Weekly Wednesday Make It Night - Fourth of July Wreaths | June 21, 201 | Donna Downey Studios Inc
Weekly Wednesday Make It Night - Fourth of July Wreaths | June 21, 2017
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Weekly Wednesday Make It Night - Fourth of July Wreaths

  • Instructor Rachel Bammel
  • Date June 21, 2017 6-8pm
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Class Overview:

June 21st 6-8pm
Fourth of July Wreaths $25   

Aren't those Fourth of July wreaths at stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby so cute but so expensive? Instead of spending a fortune come and create your own Fourth of July wreath at this workshop! Come make a wreath that all of the neighbors will be jealous of. All supplies included. 

Weekly Wednesday Make It Nights are Pinterest inspired craft nights every Wednesday from 6-8pm in the summer! Bring your friends, family and whoever else might want to attend! The coffee shop will be open to purchase specialty coffee beverages and delicious baked goods! 

Each workshop will be taught by Sarah Bammel who specializes in creating beautiful wedding and floral centerpieces. Whether it's an "I'm Sorry" bouquet for your wife or an "I love you" bouquet. Sarah does it all! Her teaching style simplifies everything and makes it super easy to create your own wreath! 

Spots are limited to please register ASAP! 
Registration is required since there are only 25 spots for this class

Emergency Cancellations : In the very rare event of an emergency or unavoidable natural disaster or act of God, the class may be cancelled. In this situation, all fees will be reimbursed to students in full.

If you would like to enroll in a workshop that has been sold out, please send an email to bill@donnadowney.com and you will be put on a waiting list. 

Questions? Contact Rachel.bammel@gmail.com