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X-ACTO® Z Series #1 Craft Knife

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Product Description

ELMERS/X-ACTO: Z Series X-ACTO Knife. This zirconium nitrate coated blade is the sharpest X-ACTO blade yet. It's perfect for all your crafting needs. This package includes one X-ACTO #1 knife and one cap. Replacement blades for this product are #11 X-ACTO blades (not included). Imported.

Use for precision cutting, detailing, trimming and stripping of paper, plastic, balsa, basswood, rubber, vinyl, thin metal, acetate and cloth. The zirconium nitride coated blade is corrosion-resistant. The edge is proven to be 5 times harder and stay sharp 7 to 10 times longer than standard blades.

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