This was truly an Inspired weekend! Four days of letting your inner artist out, even when you are a type A person like me! This was the perfect enviroment with everything you could possibly dream of needing. Donna was there every moment of the way encouraging and inspiring us to learn and grow and be happy with the artist that we becoming. Donna, Bill and her Mom spoiled us the entire time with homemade catered food and dinners out in a limo!!! The little extra touches made everything so very special!!! I can't wait to go again!!!

- Cheryl Reiter (inspired artist Nov 2011)

It's been a couple of weeks since Inspired Weekend, and I want you to know that I am still INSPIRED! I signed up for Inspired Weekend for several reasons. I wanted to be in the first small group event because I wanted to have the chance to really get to learn from Donna in a more intimate setting, and second because I knew that you two would spoil us all rotten, and third because I wanted to peek inside Donna's personal art journals and see all of the gorgeous work that I watch being created on Inspired Wednesdays. Well, Inspired Weekend was far more than I even anticipated and I came with high expectations! The entire weekend was a creative nirvana for me. Every little detail from the art journal and brush keeper with my name embroidered on it by Donna herself, to the food that looked and tasted like artwork, to having access to unlimited supplies and fellow artists....I'm still on a creative buzz! I feel like I got injected with Vitamin Creativity and it hasn't worn off yet! The most valuable thing I think I came away from Inspired Weekend with is the ability to truly and creatively experiment in my artwork. Donna is a stunningly beautiful artist and teacher. Gifted with the ability to light the artist within others, and my inner artist is still on fire! Thank you so much Donna and Bill for being THE MOST gracious hosts ever. I can absolutely not wait for the next opportunity to participate in another Inspired Weekend.

Love and many thanks!

- Darla Catalano (inspired artist Nov 2011)

There are no words to explain how I feel after taking one of Donna Downey's Inspired Workshops! Not only did I meet some of the most amazing creative people ever, I grew as a person and, (dare I say) as an artist.... Donna took care of our every last need right down to home cooked meals served in the most adorable fashion! Donna is a FANTASTIC teacher and has an amazing personality to boot! This retreat was the best of any that I have ever been too. Thank you Donna, you are truly an inspiration to me.

- Charlotte A (soulful artist Feb 2012)

This is the fourth time I have been blessed to take classes from Donna but doing an Inspired weekend I thought was just a dream and never a reality. Well that dream did become a reality this feb for the soulful artist and i cannot say enough about a weekend like this. There are some things I wont even tell you just so it remains a surprise but you will not be disappointed! There are so many special touches to the weekend and it goes far beyond just making art. I love that i feel like I am no longer a "stalker" of my favortite artists but i can now say they are my friends. Having Christy Tomlinson for the weekend was such an awesome experience and everything she is in her videos she is that much more in person. Meeting 19 other women like you is just so amazing...friendships that will endure a lifetime. It was so much fun to sit and chat about blogs, mixed media and our fav artists since my friends back home just don't get me! Donna, Bill, the staff and her mom take such good care of you, you feel right at home (without having to be the one that has to lift a finger!) Having all the art mediums at your hand to try before you buy is the coolest thing. Donna's studio is like eye candy so colorful and so much talent and she shares it all with us. Anyone who has watched her inspiration Wednesday will love to touch her journals...heaven. You will for sure want to go back and I can say from experience there is such a thing as PDDD (Post Donna Downey depression) Her personality is so infectious that when you go home it is then you truly realize that it was the best experience ever. If you get the chance to sign up run don't walk!

- Heather Fiore (soulful artist Feb 2012)

It is a challenge to successfully illustrate the energy, camaraderie and bonding that occurs with 20 women creating, dining and socializing as a unit over a four day period. I cannot begin to adequately describe why one should attend a Donna Downey Inspired event – you absolutely must feel and experience it for yourself. I can, however, highly recommend that anyone who has a love of creating – whether beginner or advanced – attend an Inspired event. You will be challenged to think differently about colors, your personal art and textures. You will experiment and try mediums and methods that you may not have historically had the opportunity to. You will play and create in a supportive, encouraging environment where you feel at ease stretching outside your comfort zone. In addition to Donna’s amazing artistic talents, I found her to be incredibly down to earth, hilariously comical, open hearted and generous in sharing her tips, tricks and lessons learned in her personal creative time. Bill ensured every attendee’s needs were met including any ground transportation and special requirements. The in-studio meals were home-cooked sensations and the presentation was spectacular. The Studio and Store are decoratively stunning, containing antique displays and inspiration galore – I felt like a kid in a glorious aqua colored candy store. I returned from four days of pampered, creative goodness with re-charged and inspired artistic mojo. Would I recommend an Inspired event to others? You betcha. Would I attend an Inspired event again in the future? In a heartbeat.

- Christine Armstrong (soulful artist Feb 2012)

This is the 1st Workshop I've ever taken, and I am so glad I did. Donna and Bill are the most gracious hosts you'll ever meet. Working and playing with Donna and Christy is a dream come true. So I can honestly say: Try it - You'll love it!

- Pat Healey, Williamsburg, VA (soulful artist Feb 2012)

In a word? Fabulous! Donna is truly an inspiration and had us exploring fun creative art techniques that we may have otherwise never tried. Every day I grew more excited about the art that we were creating. The food was delicious, the new friendships acquired meaningful, and Donna's delightful sense of humor encouraging. Did I mention really really fun? I will definitely be signing up for more workshops in the future. Fun way to spend a "girl's get-away" weekend with friends,too!

- Lisa Lebovitz, Hudson, Ohio (soulful artist Feb 2012)

Being an avid scrapbooker, I have found a new piece of myself. After attending this weekend retreat, I am out of my box. Donna Downey is an incredible inspiration. She can challenge you to go much further than you think you can. I am sure that you will find a part of you yet undiscovered. I couldn't wait to get home and get my hands in paint again and I can't wait to go to another one.

- Barbara Copeland, NC (soulful artist March 2012)

This is by far the best class I have ever taken. Being at Donna's studio is amazing, so many great lessons, so many art techniques. You DO NOT need to be an artist to take this course. Donna and her husband Bill provided encouragement and motivation throughout the 4 day course. I highly recommend this to everyone. Thank you to Donna, Bill and Donna's Mom from the bottom of my heart.

- Bambi Pro, FL (soulful artist March 2012)

I doubt my words can translate the magic that happens when you attend an Inspired workshop at Donna Downey Studios. I came hoping for inspiration in my art and I left with memories, new friendships, and an overflowing essence from within me that has since spilled into all areas of my life, not just my art. Besides being a complete trip, Donna is knowledgeable and in tune with the heart of true inspiration. She knows how to provoke your own style and teach you to "let go" and "let art" happen on your canvas. In addition to all the wonderful small touches and attention to details of the weekend, I walked away with some new friendships too ~ ones who understand the creative spirit within me and who will continue to encourage it! I highly recommend this workshop to those who want to grow in their art and are open to the entire experience!

- Kirsten Reed, TN (soulful artist March 2012)