"Lives Passed and Past Lives"

$ 1,500


"Oracle" Series

Oil on Canvas

She is serene and steadfast, embodying the enduring connections between our current existence and those who have walked before us. Her intense gaze draws you in, suggesting wisdom and confidence born from countless experiences.

Nestled in her flowing red locks is a cardinal, a symbol of vitality and the spirit world. She stands as a guardian of messages from the past. Her vibrant red attire signifies strength and passion, a testament to the enduring lifelines that intertwine through time. The background, a rich teal, evokes a sense of depth and the mysteries that lie within the realms of the unseen.

This piece tries to capture the essence of interconnectedness, reminding us that we are never truly alone. The spirits of those who have passed and the echoes of our past lives remain a part of us, offering guidance, wisdom, and a continuous link to the greater tapestry of existence. In her, we find the courage to listen and the power to share the stories that shape our journey.

"Lives Passed and Past Lives" is a tribute to the resilience and unity of the human spirit, urging us to embrace the connections that transcend time and space and to honor the voices that still whisper their truths to us.


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