What is personal mentoring / art coaching?

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Deciding to work with a mentor or art coach is a big step. This step requires the artist to admit that they want more from their personal or professional space they are occupying. The moment you admit you would like more from your passion is the moment nothing can hold you back. Its beautiful, empowering and can oftentimes be very intimidating.

As a mentor, I want to help take the fears and the doubt out of your personal journey through art. Each piece of art we create shapes us into who we become, every brushstroke, every idea, every time we make ourselves vulnerable to the colors we arrange on the canvas we grow. I want to help you grow in the directions of your dreams. Helping you sidestep some of the most common pitfalls, introduce you to new ideas and ways to think about getting the most from your art and challenge you to think bolder and bigger by pushing you beyond the space your art occupies. As a mentor I work to direct you towards taking risks that can help you to see past the limitations of the brush.

Although choosing to work with a mentor is a completely an individually constructed relationship and will focus on each artists specific needs, mentoring may include some or all of the following areas:


  • Creative and developmental accountability
  • Personal long and short term goal setting
  • Development of style
  • Working towards building a cohesive body of work
  • Focused feedback and critique
  • Personal business/brand development, web and social media presence
  • Recording and editing instructional videos
  • Consultation and advisory


How does this work?

The value of a personal mentor/art coach is in the time and the experience shared between 2 collaborating artists working together to progress artist development. Our relationship will include (but not limited too) the following communications:

  • Monthly or Weekly Zoom and/or phone sessions to discuss your specific areas of interest
  • Access to Zoom session recordings
  • Optional In-person/one-on-one mentoring
  • Unlimited text and/or email correspondence


1 month, 3-month and 12-month Options

Contact me Directly to set up a FREE consultation

Payment plans available

For questions please email me at donna@donnadowney.com