Empowering artists to take creative risks and realize their creative potential.

I'm on a creative journey, constantly surprised by what unfolds on my canvas. I'm deeply drawn to painting the human figure, exploring its emotional vulnerability in everyday life. My work reflects the impermanence of existence, using bold strokes and unfinished lines.

I play with colors, sometimes sticking to monochrome, other times bursting with vibrancy, driven by my mood. Painting is a sensual experience for me, a meditation where I experiment with light and shadow to captivate the viewer.

Starting with a simple idea, I let intuition guide my brush, creating compositions that evolve with each stroke. It's a dialogue between me and the paint, a challenge to evoke emotions in those who engage with my art.

I'm passionate about empowering artists to take creative risks and discover their potential. Through my work, I aim to inspire others to embark on their own artistic journeys of self-discovery.